Game exhibitions are usually expected at a game developers conference. Or maybe as a special feature at a museum. So it’s a bit surprising to hear that a major game history exhibition is being held by a bank. And not just any bank, either.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is presenting, now through January, “Video Games Evolve: A Brief History from Spacewar! to MMORPGs”. And they’re covering everything, including the early arcade games and the Magnavox Odyssey.

I find it fascinating that this is being held not just in a bank, but in a Federal Reserve Bank. Not the first place you’d think of going to learn about the evolution of games and the game industry.

Shucks, this is something you’d expect at, say, the Smithsonian, maybe (of course, they may have something like that, already; I don’t know). And it’s not like the Fed of Boston needs any new customers. Heh.

Nonetheless, the FROB (sounds almost like a spell from the Enchanter series) is really putting in this show. If you’re in the Boston area, drop in and take a look (we’d love to hear what you have to say about it, too).

A game history exhibit in a bank. Games are becoming more mainstream all the time. What a concept!

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