Following up on yesterday’s Manhunt 2: A Coming Storm?, the ESRB has, so to speak, given MH2 a “clean bill of health” and will not be re-rating the game.

The rating board certainly moved quickly on this one, and it does surprise me that they’ve beem able to come to a conclusion so swiftly.

Full details can be read by following the end link. Basically, the board decided that because the “AO” content can only be accessed via “heavy modifications”, Rockstar is not at fault here.

The remarks from the prez of the ESRB are pretty detailed, but I’m wondering now if they’re a bit sick of MH2 and all the publicity and just want to be done with it all.

Personally, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Note Xian’s comment on the “Coming Storm” post that codes are now being posted on the ‘net. I suspect that a lot of PS2’s are going to becomed “modded” so players can get to that “filtered” content.

Of course, all this continues to give MH2 publicity, and is certainly helping to sell a game that a number of reviewers consider not much better than mediocre. And that a number of “watchdog groups” think is practically evil incarnate.

Probably, the MH2 debate will be with us for awhile. In the meantime, Rockstar makes more money, the game industry gets another black mark, and the ESRB will likely come under fire for not re-rating the game.

MH2 Retains “M” rating on Gamepolitics