Today’s news roundup is overall somewhat dreary. Or, in other words, it ain’t such good news.

First, EA has dropped the axe on two studios: EA Chertsey in the UK, and EA Chicago. Apparently, these developers weren’t doing as well as the suits would like. So, goodby to them. And just in time for the holidays, too.

Atari looks like it’s about to sink from sight. They finally filed with the SEC and it isn’t pretty. The numbers are on Gamasutra and I won’t repeat them here.

However, even with the recent infusion of $10 million, Atari seems to be so shaky, I don’t know what they can do to keep going. They’ve sold off a lot of IP and studios already. About all they have left is the D&D license and Alone In The Dark. They may also lose Dragonball Z, which has been a money-maker for them.

That isn’t enough to keep them going. They aren’t getting product out, and if they sell/lose what’s left to bring in cash, what good will it do them with nothing worthwhile to sell?

What that would mean for the D&D license should (or when) Atari goes under is anyone’s guess. Of course, the license is held by parent Infogrames, which isn’t in all that great shape, either. This could be messy.

The Target stores chain, that great moral guardian of America, has pulled Manhunt 2 from the shelves. Apparently, they’re upset over the recently-published hacks that uncover some of the filtered content in the game. Regardless that game is rated M and supposedly only adults can buy it, they’d rather make sure no kid can get his hands on it. Or – who knows? – perhaps the game isn’t as selling as well as they’d like.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Or maybe not ;) Paramount has announced that a full-length animated feature film based on the Dragonlance series will be available on DVD come January 15th.

Odd that they’re releasing it on DVD when it hasn’t been in theaters. Or did I miss that? Because offhand, I don’t remember it being shown in movie houses. Do you?

I know the books are popular, but I wonder how many will be interested enough to buy an animated movie. Any Dragonlance fans out there? Would you buy it?

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