A short while back, RPG Vault posted an article by Jeff Vogel. He’s convinced that single-player games are here to stay.

Despite his apparent loathing of the genre (Jeff Vogel Hates RPGs and Jeff Vogel Still Hates RPGs), he continues to churn them out, and all of them SP products.

Perhaps it would be better to say that Jeff hates MP games. Or at least, dislikes them. This is what comes through most in the article, especially in reference to PvP play.

He describes his experiences playing Halo 3 (yes, he finally bought a console, and the world didn’t end ;). His major point is that when one person wins, another loses…and losing isn’t fun.

Jeff figures this is okay for the “kids”, who presumably have a need to dominate, or at least, win, and have the time/inclination to become good at whatever game.

However, he also believes there are enough other gamers out there who aren’t attracted by the PvP feature. “Mature” gamers, let’s call them, who also want to win, but not at the expense of someone else.

I certainly belong in the latter group; PvP holds no charm for me, besides the fact that I like to play my own way, which can only be done solo. Sometimes that can be modified, though, and Jeff did overlook co-op play.

For instance, I’ve done Diablo 2 online with friends. That was certainly fun. So were the two Neverwinter Nights online games I participated in awhile back.

Thus not every online game need be in the PvP mold. It’s possible for several people to get on and have a good time without trying to kill each other.

Then again, we recall that the games mentioned above had SP modes. And there’s Bethesda, whose Elder Scrolls series have been exclusively single-player. Bioshock is a more recent example. Even HellGate: London and the upcoming Gears Of War (PC version) have SP.

So yeah, I think Jeff may be right that SP is going to stay with us. I sure hope so, anyway. Check out the piece and see what you think.

Jeff Vogel: SP Is Here To Stay on RPG Vault