Over at Gamespot, they have an interview with Dr. David Hutchison, author of Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom. It’s meant as a manual for teachers on using games as teaching aids.

This isn’t exactly new. I noted awhile back that the Japanese were experimenting with something similar in Consoles And Education, and that New York was in the process of working up The Game School for sometime (they hope) in 2009.

However, the book is the first time anyone has come up with a manual for teachers on how to use games to teach a variety of subjects in grades 4-12. I’m still a little dubious about this myself.

For one thing, not all kids are interested in all games. What happens then? Education for some students might turn out as dreary as paging through some dull textbook.

And then there are the teachers, who would need to be familiar with the games they’re using. I wonder how they feel about that? Imagine having to spend frantic nights on a PC or console to keep up with the class.

Of course, it could work out all right. But I have to admit I’m feeling glad right now not to be a student these days. Because I’d hate to be slaving over a hot computer (or console) all day in class, then come home and do more, when I’d rather be playing something else. If I felt up to it after all the gaming in school. But that’s just me ;)

Interview with Dr. David Hutchison on Gamespot