I was reading a recap from the Dragon Age forums, and it seemed to me there was a lot of interest from the members about sex in the game. Which got me thinking about the matter of this activity in games generally.

Of course, it’s not really new. For instance, one of the later Ultimas (I can’t recall exactly which one) gave you the opportunity to enjoy an evening of pleasure. Later, you came across a unicorn who could tell if you were a “virgin” or not. Silly, because you may not have been one before stepping through that moongate. Nonetheless, there was a touch of sex in the game.

Fallout 2, as I recall, had a brothel in one town where you could sample earthly delights. And if my memory doesn’t fail me (which it does occasionally), you could even become a porn star.

More recently, we have, of course, The Witcher, which caused a stir over sex in the game, especially regarding “trophy cards” received from each successful romp in the hay.

Then there is Mass Effect, a product that raised a few eyebrows and comments when it was learned that a female human could get it on with an alien female, but male/male was not allowed.

Now, it seems, Dragon Age will incorporate some form of sexual action, although not in a pornographic (visual) sense. That’s going by recent comments from designers on the boards.

Could this be the beginning of a trend here? Are we going to be seeing sex show up more often in future games? Is this how designers intend to show “maturity” and/or “realism” in their products? Or even, perhaps, “art”?

Or is this just a bid to keep the guys buying games under the guise of “adult themes”? For that matter, does sexual activity have any place in the typical adventure or RPG? If so, how far should it go? If not, why not?

My concern is that, should this continue, it will only give more ammunition to the anti-game agitators. They’re already hopping around about violence; do we want them screaming about how “our kids” will become perverts because they play certain games (which aren’t meant for them, but few pay attention to that)? What do you think?

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