Well, the infamous “female sex” scene of Mass Effect has had an effect in Singapore, which has just banned the game. No doubt, Singapore gamers are already heading to warez sites and P2P networks to get ME, if an Xbox game is available via those methods.

Presumably Singapore officials are more uptight about sex than violence, as we haven’t heard anything about Manhunt 2 being forbidden there. I’m wondering if any other places will come out with a proscription of the game, now that it’s getting so much publicity.

In particular, I’ll be watching Britain, Germany, and Australia, which are known (notorious?) for banning certain games. Of course, it may just be violence they don’t like.

It’s just interesting how this came up after yesterday’s post about sex in games. Funny, too, because I don’t think Fallout 2 was banned there or anywhere. And that game, going by Vagabond’s comment, had quite a bit.

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