You may recall from Interplay – Back From The Dead?, that the company (if in name only) was looking for funding. They still haven’t found it, but they’ve hired someone.

That person is Jason Anderson (FO 1, Troika Games), taken on as creative director for an “unnamed” MMOG. Which, given that he worked on the first Fallout, and part of the second one before leaving to found Troika, is rather odd. After all, the supposed reason for Interplay’s funding hunt is to make an online game based on Fallout.

Herb Caen, the boss of Interplay, also mentioned “…our impressive portfolio of gaming properties” that he’s looking to leverage. Can someone refresh my memory on this? Aside from Fallout, what else do they have to offer?

What I found most amusing is how the piece on Gamasutra reads almost like a parody, the sort of thing you’d come across on a site like The Onion. I keep wondering if Interplay is really serious or not.

Meanwhile, Atari, still in deep trouble, is divesting itself of all development. Their CEO David Pierce has resigned, and the company will restructure itself to become a “publisher and distributor” only.

Will this keep them afloat? The change may be coming too late, as Atari isn’t expecting a financially-happy holiday season. Even selling off what little they have left may not be enough.

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