The folks over at RPG Watch were lucky enough to get their hands on an early copy of Eschalon: Book I, and they’ve posted a preview on their site.

It isn’t clear from the piece if they have a demo or the full game, but I suspect the latter. In any case, the article is quite positive, at least as previews go.

Which is a good thing, because this is one game I have been waiting for, but with the usual dread that it will turn out to be not as good as it seemed on paper. We know about that all too well.

So I’m glad the guys were able to play some of the game and give a report. And I really like what I read, including the part about “no bugs so far”. Whoo! Might be worth getting for that alone ;)

It does appear from the write-up that this is, indeed, an “old-school” game, with turn-based combat, although they don’t have much to say about that just yet.

Of course, they haven’t gone too far into it, either, so things may change. We know about that, too. At the moment, however, the view is good. So this may just be the next one I play, and about time, too. Check it out for yourself:

Eschalon Hands-on Preview at RPG Watch