Not too long ago, I mentioned in Interplay Pops Up, Atari Crops Down that Atari looked to be on its last legs. The company seems to agree with that.

Gamasutra has a piece up on Atari’s recent filing with the SEC. The company is expressing doubt that it can continue without more funding, even though they’ve sold off their assets to parent company Infogrames.

Atari mentions they’re looking for additional cash, including licensing their brand to others, but the outlook there is bleak. In fact, the whole situation is bleak.

Given the company’s current situation, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to come up with the money they need to stay afloat. Not impossible, but unlikely. Atari has nothing to offer now but its brand, and that isn’t much. Could this finally be it for Atari?

Atari Tottering on Gamasutra