Weekends tend to be slow, and holiday weekends even more so. Fortunately, I came across something the other day that lets me get up at least one post so the weekend isn’t totally blank.

Over at Gamesetwatch, they had a guest poster, Karsden Mörderhäschen, of Schadenfreude (Gloating) Interactive Games. He was talking about one of their products, Nachtmusik (Night Music).

It is best described as a combination of karaoke opera and survival horror. I say no more. Then again, there’s no need ;)

But that’s not all (sorry about that!). Schadenfreude has a whole line of games, including such blockbusters as Cthulhu Karts, Grand Theft Ottoman, Age Of Ornithology, and Nazgul Thunder 2003. You won’t find these titles anywhere else. Very likely, a good thing.

Then again, these are just so off-the-wall, I wouldn’t mind playing some of them. Maybe not Cthulhu Karts, though. I’d rather not get involved with GOO; you know how sticky that can be. Enough to drive you crazy!

Anyway, check out the links below. The first goes to a post on Gamesetwatch where Karsden gives some background on Nachtmusik. The other goes to the Schadenfreude website (English).

For even more hilarity, plug the German url (www.schadenfreudeinteractive.com/sigmain_de.html) into Google’s translator and see what comes up.

Nachtmusik on Gamesetwatch

Schadenfreude Interactive website