Moving right along, as I suspected, the woman’s husband was certainly dead. However, his body wasn’t in the swamp, it was along a road very obviously set up as an ambush.

I’d avoided it, of course, but there wasn’t any other place left to check. Took a bit of dancing around (okay a lot), but I killed all the thugs eventually. The woman couldn’t pay me, but she did tell me something else of interest that netted me a nice sword, after a lot of hard work.

In my travels, I learned to hate bees, which have a distressing ability to save against magic attacks. Of course, I had to go into a cave full of the things and kill the queen bee. That was along the main line, so couldn’t be avoided.

But hey, I did finally find out the why of the amnesia. It’s a bit convoluted, but does make sense of a kind. Of course, I’ve also been doing a few odd jobs here and there. And at last I picked up some new spells. The best one is Portal.

It works like the old Lloyd’s Beacon in Might & Magic. Cast it once to set the anchor, cast it again to return. Or set a new anchor. The difference is, you can have a different anchor for each level of spell.

Since spells go up to sixth level, that means six portals. Naturally, there are limitations. Each level acts as a multiplier on the base mana cost. And you do need to have minimum scores in both Intelligence (or Wisdom) and elmental (or divine) magic for any spell cast.

It’s made a big difference for me in the game. I can cast it in the wilderness, travel to town for a good night’s sleep, and bop back to where I was the next morning.

Combat hasn’t improved all that much, though. The enemies are tougher, and they’re coming two or more at a time. So I still have to do a lot of maneuvering, backed up with physical attacks.

I’ve met some goblin suicide bombers. They have black powder kegs strapped to their backs. Definitely something to take out from a distance. Fun when they go up, though; sometimes, they injure or kill fellow gobbies who are too close. Hehehe.

I’ve also picked up a couple of spells that open locks and defuse traps. They don’t always work on the first casting, however; on occasion I’ve had to try them several times.

So I’ve covered a fair amount of ground, but there’s still a lot more to do. And the struggle hasn’t eased up as much as I’d hoped. Where’s Tiltowait when you really need it?