So the journey that began a week ago has reached its end. Zarkon has saved the world, again (he has many incarnations).

Last night I found the last key needed to enter the goblin citadel. However, there were a couple of things I wanted to finish off first. One was the easter eggs.

There are three in the game, and when all are put in a special item, your character gains enough experience to go up one level. That being a good thing, naturally I had to find those eggs.

Ag was a little off on the locations, though. There’s no egg in the lighthouse, although you can find a nice weapon there. It’s in the Ossuary, and you get it by solving the four chests puzzle, which is a bit tricky.

With all those taken care of, it was time for the assault. I had a little help getting to the front door. After that, though, Zarkon was on his own.

The citadel wasn’t too bad most of the time. The first level was a roundabout route, and there were annoying spiders, along with the goblins. I suppose they train them or something.

The second level had more spiders, and a mini-maze with a couple of Taurax. Much to my surprise, the maze exited to the room with Foozle. Just two levels? I was expecting three or four.

As always, should you or any of…err, as always, Foozle was waiting for me so we could have a little chat. I saved there, then went over for the conversation.

No surprise, he had the usual offer: “give me what I want and you can walk out of here a rich man, etc.”. Well gee, I’m already rich, and the game is almost over, so what good is treasure to me now, eh?

Of course, trouble began when I declined his generous offer. After seeing what occurred, and knowing what I’d be up against, I restored the game. In fact, I decided not bother with offensive magic at all.

Nope. Zarkon buffed up to the max and just beat on Foozle and friends (they always have friends). Most of the time they missed, but there was one bad moment when Fooz got a lucky hit, I blew the save, and was paralyzed for a few rounds.

Visions of reload were dancing in my head. However, the paralysis wore off and I was still in good shape. If I hadn’t had Chameleon up, though, that might have been a baaad situation.

After Fooz was dead, I looted his treasure room. Ho hum. So what does it matter now? But I took the money anyway, in the true spirit of heroes everywhere.

Then I performed the last acts of the game. Ta-da! Zarkon retired to a quiet little cottage in the woods. Quiet, except for those strange nightmares he’s starting to have. That, naturally, is the hook for part II.

Okay, the review will be up either later this week or maybe the weekend. There are some things I need to check on first. Watch for it.