I just breezed by Bluesnews, and they have a note up (from last night) that Eidos has made a change on their site. Apparently, the quotes on Kane & Lynch came from previews, not reviews, to which Eidos tacked on the stars. They have now removed the stars, though the quotes remain.

That, perhaps, is the best indication of K&L’s quality, if the game company can’t find any usable quotes from actual reviews. It also shows a certain amount of desperation on the part of Eidos. Of course, that does not absolve them of putting up spurious ratings in the first place.

The more we look at this, the messier it gets. Perhaps it’s time for gamers to start avoiding the major sites, and look elsewhere for factual information about games. But even that may be hard to do in these days of over-hyping and massive PR coverage. Sigh.