There’s no doubt now that Blizzard, not content with being “just” the #1 MMOG (as far as hardcore is concerned), has another MMOG in the works.

What will it be? Speculation runs rampant on the official boards. The one thing known for sure is that it isn’t anything to do with WoW. Could it be an online Starcraft? That’s possible. World Of Diablo? Maybe.

Yet Diablo is fantasy-based, and Wow has that sewn up. Would Blizzard water down what they already have with another entry, even though based on a popular title?

Then again, as Gamasutra reports, back in July Blizzard created a mysterious “Team 3” to work on a new game, and that team was separate from both the Starcraft and Warcraft groups. So perhaps Diablo is a possibility after all.

On the other hand, it could be something entirely different, keeping in mind the recent Vivendi/Activision merger. Deals like that usually take awhile to negotiate. Was something going on already back then? Is there an Activision IP being developed here?

Of course, the real question is: how different can it be? There really aren’t many choices: fantasy or science fiction. Okay, we could throw in “modern day” if you like. And whatever they come up with, right now I can’t see it being much different than some form of “loot/level”.

Only time will tell. It will be interesting to see what this “mystery MMOG” really is, whenever Blizzard gets around to the announcement. Their job page sure has a lot of openings at the moment, so it could be awhile.

Blizzard rep confirms new MMOG on Gamasutra