In an unusual turn of events, MMOGs are covered for a second day. Unusual, of course, because I don’t do the online stuff. But I felt this would be of interest to some of you out there.

Ubisoft has announced the release next spring (’08) of Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms. The game is being developed with Chinese company TQ Digital Entertainment.

What sets this apart from your typical MMOG (or MMORTS) is that it will be free to play, and will not require any software download. Yep, it’s gonna be browser-based.

I did buzz over to the official site briefly, and my guess is that you’ll need Flash to play. As to how they plan to fund this after launch, my next guess is in-game ads. However, nothing has been said about that yet. Still, they need to pull in revenue somehow. We shall see.

Ubisoft announces HOMM Kingdoms on Gamasutra