…signifying very little. That seems to be the result of all the noise, hoopla, and controversy that surrounded the infamous Manhunt 2.

Everyone knows the story, so I won’t bother to repeat it. What catches our attention, though, is that despite everything, the game sold a dismal 18,494 copies in November.

This information comes courtesy of an industry analysis post over on Gamasutra. They have great timing, because I was wondering about how well (or poorly) MH2 was doing. Now we all know ;)

And I can’t sum it up better than Jesse Divnich, who said, in part: “This should not be considered a victory for those groups who protested its release, but rather a victory for industry and gamers who did not fall for the market hype of what can only be described as a poorly executed title.”

Sometimes, the hype doesn’t work. There may be hope yet!

Industry Analysis on Gamasutra