(Continuing by not-exactly popular demand, and because I feel extremely lazy today…)

Subject: Keeping you updated…

Almalexia was, of course, thrilled to see Mokor. Now she had someone to do all her little jobs. Why do they always wait for the PC? Why can’t anyone else do these things?

mwalma.png“Ah, Mokor, I need a little magic ring. It’s in a tomb. You know, down there, in the sewers…”

Of course, where else would it be?

“Mokor, investigate this End of Times cult. Their members are dying all over the place”.

It’s a nut group. The end of the world is at hand, demons will destroy the earth, so it’s better to die now than later. The Tribunal and the Temple have lost their power, so there’s no hope. Just take a sip of Kool-aid…

Alma doesn’t like that part about “losing power”. No, she doesn’t like it at all.

“Mokor, down in those Dwarven ruins is a weather machine. You go down there, turn it on, and bring ash storms to the city. That will show them my power!” How does she know about that device? How come she has just the part I need to make it work?

Mokor is beginning to have some doubts about her, but nonetheless, into the ruins and, really, makes his way right to the machine. Amazing sense of direction he has, sometimes.

Back up top, the storms are raging. Yet people still walk the streets. There are some really strange folks around here.

No matter. Now Alma wants me to go kill one of her special, hand-picked, super guards. He’s gone mad, she says, and may not listen to reason. Why me? Well, none of her other super guards has the guts to try. Some guards.

Of course, Mokor tracks him down, and, after a tough battle, prevails. Then he checked the body for goodies. OH YUMMY! OH, what GLORIOUS armor that guy had (no wonder he was so damned hard to hit!). Fabulous armor class, and every piece of it enchanted with a constant ability. Yes yes yes!! Droooooool!!

However, it wouldn’t do to just grab it and put it on. This is special guard armor, and all the guards wandering around would be peeved and attack me on sight. It’ll have to wait until I leave for home.

Better put it in a safe place. That won’t be easy. The full suit weighs 300 pounds. Strip off current armor, grab the pieces, run to the palace, stow em away in crates, then put on my regular armor again. Ah, but worth the trouble!

Anyway, returning to Alma, we learn that Alma knows who Mokor really is. We ourselves have known for awhile, and now reveal it to you. It has to do with The Prophecy (breathes there an RPG so lifeless that it doesn’t have A Prophecy?).

Who is Mokor really? What is the Prophecy? Tune in next time for the exciting revelations!