Over at 1up, there’s an article by Jake McNeill about being (or becoming) obsessed with playing games. That’s probably not a problem for most folks around here, but still…

Still, it’s easy to get caught up in gaming, to the detriment of your real-world life. The piece has some confessions from gamers who, shall we say, “lost it” now and then.

I think the scariest one was the guy who was reading a game manual while driving. Yeah, driving. While it’s nice to know that some people do still read manuals, behind the wheel of a moving vehicle isn’t the time or place.

We also have to wonder about the guy who rented a condo and planned to have some privacy time with his girlfriend. Only when the time came, he was too busy closing Oblivion gates. Uh huh.

Several admitted to breaking controllers, etc., when angry. Now, I have been known to become….upset…while playing games. It’s inevitable. However, I’m more into verbal abuse, turning the air purple as I scream at the character (or party), the enemies, the designers, and if it was my fault, even myself. It’s much cheaper than breaking something.

Jake thinks that if you dream about games, Something Might Be Wrong With You. I don’t quite agree with that one. I know I’ve dreamed about games now and then. Fortunately, I never recall what was in the dreams. On the other hand, if you’re always dreaming about them, then yeah, there could be a problem.

Anyway, check out the article, and see if you can find yourself in there. I suspect we’ve all done one or more of those things in the past.

Obsessed With Games on 1up