(It’s a slow day, so you’re stuck with Mokor)

Subject: Mokor revealed…

Yes, Mokor is no mere wandering wannabe. He is the reincarnation of the great hero of yesteryear, Nerevar! It is his Destiny to unite the Three Houses and the Four Tribes against the final Foozle, Dagoth Ur.

The great Orc smithNot only does Alma know this, she was once married to Nerevar (Mokor swears he must have been enchanted or six sheets to the wind at the time). She tells him about Trueflame, his great magic sword. The sword was broken in a terrific battle, and the pieces scattered. Now the time has come for Trueflame to be reforged (funny, this has a familiar ring to it. Speaking of rings, there will be more on that anon – the poetic anon, not the anonymous anon).

Alma has one piece that she generously hands over, leaving our hero to find the others. One happens to be in the possession of the Queen Mother (you remember, we saved her life somewhere back there). In gratitude, she gives it up.

[Actually no, I recalled that wrong. She just gave me a hint as to where I could find one of the pieces. There were three in all, not four.]

Remember the king’s champion? No? Well scroll back a bit and refresh your memory. He has a piece, too. And since Mokor beat the crap out of him, the Champ holds our boy in great respect, and promptly forks over his section (probably doesn’t want another beating).

The last piece is in the Museum of Artifacts. They don’t really know anything about the sword piece, but they do have some crappy old shield that probably isn’t an artifact. Poor workmanship, looks all wrong, they don’t even have it on display, they’re so embarrassed by it.

But they’re not willing to give it up. At least, not unless Mokor trades in two good artifacts. Two? For something they won’t even show the public? [grumble mutter]

So Mokor reads the Book of Artifacts, handily sitting on a table. Here we must digress a moment to mention that, from time to time, we have needed to consult various Tomes of Wisdom (also known as OPW, or Other Peoples’ Walkthrus). A wise move, indeed, for we learn that this Book of Artifacts is not entirely accurate.

A number of items listed won’t be accepted, while there are other items, not listed, that will be accepted. With this knowledge, I determine that Mokor has only one artifact to donate toward the sword piece (he should have had two, but the other is “unacceptable” though on the list, while the donatable one is of the working unlisted items).

Where to get another donation? Well, one ToW mentions going to the second floor of a certain house, talking to someone, then going to talk to someone else, then to some location, flooding some place or other, swimming up to….

` <--- The incantation to summon the Console of Godly Powers player->additem dagger_fang_unique “1” <--- Divinely creates an item from nothing ` <--- Dismisses the Console of Godly Powers With all pieces in hand we dash to the forge of the great Orc smith (yeah, we'll have no shoddy Elven workmanship here!). He says come back in a couple of days, so we find a quiet, convenient corner of the room, wait 48 hours, and VOILA! Trueflame is whole once more! Except there's no flame. It's a fabulous weapon (amazing damage for a one-hander), but...no flame. "So whaddya want? I'm a smith, not a magician. But hey, if you could maybe find some old Dwarven book somewhere, maybe I could fix up a little heat". Where have we seen any old Dwarven books? Right, down that hole where we went to turn on the ash storms...