Over at Gamespot, they have an interesting article up on the pains and perils of pitching a game.

Or rather, pitching a game idea. After all, most developers need some money to create the actual product. Funding typically comes from a big publisher or venture capital firm.

That, naturally, means dealing with corporate. And the piece pretty well confirms what we already knew: that the suits rarely have any understanding of the game industry. Of course, if you tell them your game is about, say, cars with guns, they’re likely to be interested ;)

We also see that the marketing departments tend to have a lot of say in what gets the green light. No surprise there, either. Depressing, but true.

There’s the other side, too: making a good pitch. Even if the designers have a viable idea, they may not be able to get it across. It’s all too easy to fumble the presentation and lose out on the funding.

While the article is long, it’s definitely worth reading. The second link goes to a shorter piece on games that didn’t quite make it.

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