Well, the year’s almost over (already??). And while I’m not into the “big list of best games” stuff, there’s nothing wrong with noting what games were the most and least fun to play.

The only restriction is that it can’t be a MMOG. Other than that, you’re free to choose a platform other than the PC for your picks (if really necessary!). And let’s keep it simple. One title for the most fun/enjoyable game, and one for the loser.

For me, picking the loser was easy: Neverwinter: The Movie. I said enough about it in my review, and won’t repeat any of it here.

Choosing the “best” was harder. Finally, I settled on Geneforge 4, mainly because I thought it had the best story of the games I played this year.

So, what games did you like best/least in 2007?