Subject: More almost-live coverage…

And as we approach the old Dwarven forge, what do we see? A Dwarven ghost! But hey, it’s Caspar! That is, it’s a friendly ghost. Claiming not to be much of a smith, nonetheless, he can get a fire going in the sword for me. I just have to go to a demon shrine, fight my way through assorted nasties, and bring back some pyroil. The nasties were plenty nasty, too.

Fighting mystery crittersBut finally, Andu…err, Trueflame is complete!

Zip back to Alma, she congratulates me on fixing up the sword, and has one more task: Sotha Sil (yet another living god of sorts) has gone crazy (seems to be almost an epidemic of madness in Mournhold; just as well we’ll be leaving soon).

It was Sotha who made those weird critters that came out of the ground (although how they got down there in the first place…). So I have to go to the Clockwork City and have a chat with the old boy.

Alma teleports Mokor into the place. Undaunted by hordes of fabricants (the weird critters), double pendulums (certainly the pits), columns of sparks, and assorted other obstacles, our hero presses on to the chamber of Sotha Sil. Stepping in, we find…

He’s dead, Jim.

Someone has been here first. Who could have done this? Who could possibly have gotten here ahead of me?

Alma pops into the room (you were expecting that, of course). She gives a big speech. She had been here earlier, killed Sotha, and sent his fabricants to Mournhold. It’s all a power play. She would be the great protectress, and solidify her power base. The people would turn to her and she’d kick out the Imperials(or bring them under her thumb, I forget which; Mokor’s attention wandered during the usual Villain’s Big Plan Speech Before Dying).

She is, of course, nuttier than a fruitcake. Obviously, this explains a lot about the people in the city. If the top is crazy, those below can’t be any better.

She also expected Mokor to die during his trip through the city. How silly of her. She finally shuts up and the big fight begins. Happily, her back is to a wall, so Mokor just stands there and chops away with nifty Trueflame and finally, it’s all over.

Now he has her sword, which is almost as good. Makes ya wonder why he had to go through all the trouble to get TF fixed up.

But no matter. We Are Done! Yes! Back to Mournhold, off to the palace to switch into that Neato Armor, and one last visit to the king.

He is pleased – very pleased – that Alma won’t be any more trouble.

“How can I thank you, Mokor? What can I give you as a reward for this stupendous feat? Of course, here: take this suit of Royal Armor as my special gift to you”.

Thank you, your majesty. I’m standing here wearing three hundred pounds of super-duper armor, and you give me more, and not anywhere as good. I am so overloaded, I can’t even move. Thank you SO much.

(clunk clunk clunk clunk…)

Disposing of the third-rate armor, Mokor is ready. Over to the mage and whoosh! Finally, back home in Ebonheart.

Now, it is time to return to the main line of the game. We remember there are four tribes to unite. One of them, the Urshilaku, are, one might say, the purest of the bunch, who believe most in The Prophecy, and have kept closest to the old ways.

The Wise Woman of the Ursh is Mokor’s guide through the Seven Trials that prove he is the true Nerevar, the Hero Incarnate. Mokor passed the first trial just by being born, and the second when he became immune to all forms of disease.

Now he faces the third trial. He must retrieve the Moon-And-Star Ring. This is the infallible sign of the Nerevar. Only he can wear it; anyone else trying that dies on the spot.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. He has to unite the tribes and houses. So that means: One ring to rule them all! Absolutely. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be thrown into any cracks.

As it turned out, this was a mostly simple job. First, before he could get directions from the leader of Ursh, he had to muck around a ruin and bring back several items. No big deal.

The Cave of Azura where the ring reposed was a small one-room affair. It was mainly grab the ring and then talk to the ghosts of failed Nerevars: people who thought they were, but weren’t.

All rather calm after everything else.

Now come the fourth and fifth trials: being named leader of the three houses and four tribes. What perils will our hero face? Will he succeed? Will my fingers hold out to write another epic? Stay tuned, sports fans!