You know things are going downhill in gaming when a company brings out a product like the Mindwire V5.

The company obviously believes that the thrill is gone these days from the shooter, the racing game, etc. So they want to up the ante by selling you electroshock. Or maybe they’re just worried you might fall asleep over that Half-Life mod.

The device attaches to various body areas (legs, arms) and gives you a buzz when your in-game avatar takes a hit. The amount of the charge can be controlled, in case you were wondering.

Yes, just what we need: bring the realism of death to virtual fighting. No doubt, there will sooner or later be headlines: “Gamer Electrocutes Self Playing WoW” or soemthing similar. (Hmm, could this bring new meaning to the term Bioshock?)

What I especially liked in the FAQ was that you need an “optional” unit to play this on the PC or consoles. Ah yes, “optional”. But hey, go take a look for yourself.

Mindwire V5 FAQ