Yep, he does. Over at rockpapershotgun, in an exclusive interview where he discusses his upcoming Deathspank, and other gamey stuff.

You may think that’s an odd title for a game, but then we’re talking Ron (Monkey Island) Gilbert here, who is capable of anything (or anything he can get away with). Ron is currently freezing up in Canada with Hothead Games (maybe that will keep him warm).

Apparently, the game is going to be a satire on the genre. Or genres, as it’s an adventure/RPG hybrid, something we haven’t seen since Steve Meretzky’s Superhero League Of Hoboken, which was a satirical/comedy product.

It will also follow in the wake of Telltale Games’ Sam and Max, having episodic content. Looks like bits & pieces is a coming trend.

Anyway, check out the interview; Ron talks about more than just Deathspank. And by the way, that’s the name of the hero ;)

Ron Gilbert interview on rockpapershotgun