You may recall that late last year, there was an uproar around the ‘net over the firing of Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann (covered in The Gamespot Storm and Gerstmann Update). Now, two more have left Gamespot.

The first to depart was long-time freelancer Frank Provo. He had kind words for Gamespot itself, but cited CNet as the main reason for leaving. Frank thinks there’s too much pressure from corporate over the matter of reviews and ratings.

Now word has come in that Alex Navarro, who does reviews by video, is going to leave Gamespot near the end of the month. So far, no particular reasons have been given for this departure. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, he has to say about this. For instance, if it has anything to do with Jeff G.

Of course, the question is: does it matter? In the long run, no. Anyone who leaves will be replaced, and nothing much will change. For instance, as I predicted, the storm over Jeff’s firing was intense but died down quickly.

And so far, there isn’t much around the game sites about the departures of either Provo or Navarro. But then, they’re leaving on their own, rather than being shown the door.

On the other hand, this can’t be cheerful time for the remaining staff. If any more leave, there could be some big changes in the wind at Gamespot.

Frank Provo says farewell on Gamespot

Alex Navarro leaving Gamespot on kotaku