There’s some good news over at Basilisk Games today. They’re in, I suppose you could call it, pre-production for Eschalon: Book II.

Happily, they are sticking to the “old-school”, although the next one sounds as though it will be more elaborate, and also longer. I suspect we may see, among other things, some better-defined character classes. I certainly hope so.

For those who may not be aware, the game is available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows. It’s not often any game company comes out in support for those two platforms.

Also, the latest batch of CDs will have all three versions on the disk. Going by the post on rpgwatch, Basilisk ran out of Windows and Mac CDs and decided it was simpler to just have them all on one disk (and it’s nice to know they sold out of those CDs, too).

Check out the info on rpgwatch. Of course, it’s going to be awhile before Book II shows up, at least a year. However, the best part is that there will be a sequel.

Basilisk starts on Eschalon: Book II on rpgwatch