The Writers Guild Of America (you know, those people who seem to have been on strike forever) has announced the nominees for the first Video Games writing Award.

Five titles are on the list, and you may wonder that something as obvious as Bioshock isn’t there, while The Simpsons is (or are). At least The Witcher made the cut.

The requirements were a release date between December 1st ’06 and and November 30th ’07, and the credited writers had to be members of the WGA New Media Caucus (or had applied for membership).

Looking over the titles, I guess we could conclude that either there wasn’t a lot of good game writing the past year, or not too many game writers opted for membership in the Caucus.

There may not be an actual awards show on Feb. 9th, for that matter. Not if the strike is still on, which looks to be the case so far.

Does this new award really matter? In one way, not much. However, it does add a bit more legitimacy to the game industry, and that’s always a good thing. Of course, better writing in games would be a good thing, too. Maybe some of the strikers should consider a new career move ;)

WGA Announces Video Game Nominees on Variety