Over at The Escapist, columnist Andy Chalk is looking for a hero. A game company hero.

It’s a familiar refrain decked out with a personal perspective. What he’s bemoaning is (ahem) the lack of innovation in the industry. You know, how no one is doing anything fresh or interesting these days.

Well, of course not. The companies he mentions are either gone or swallowed up into corporate blandness. It was mostly in the early days, before the small developers went belly-up or were bought out, that companies were willing to take a chance.

Besides, games were cheaper to produce. Today, with mega-millions on the line, who wants to risk something different? Only the indie developers, but they have their own problems with shoestring budgets and smaller sales.

Of course, if an “underground game” really managed to make a big hit, you can be sure that corporate dollars would start waving for a buyout. We know what would follow after that.

However, there are some interesting games out there from indie developers. Maybe Andy should be looking in that neck of the woods (and hey, wasn’t The Bard’s Tale from Interplay?).

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