Okay, I know: game awards are typically looked upon with disdain around here. However, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) just released their nominees for this year’s awards. And Bioshock leads the pack with an amazing 12 nominations.

Yep, 12. I guess the AIAS is taking after the MPAA, squeezing in as many categories as they can get away with. Some of them seem a bit redundant to me. Is there that big a difference between “Original Music Composition” and “Soundtrack”, for instance?

I’d also like to know what the “Character Performance” category is supposed to mean (although in the case of Bioshock, that may be more apt than for others).

Anyway, below are the categories for which BS (heh) has been nominated. The only other game with many nominations is Call Of Duty 4, which I haven’t bothered about.

  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
  • Outstanding Character Performance
  • Outstanding Achievement in Story Development
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition
  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Design
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
  • Action Game of the Year
  • Computer Game of the Year
  • Console Game of the Year
  • Overall Game of the Year

Anyway, if you’re interested in the full (long) list of categories, feel free to follow the link below. At the AIAS site, just click on any category to see the drop-down box with nominees. And hey, at least they don’t have to worry about a writer’s strike gumming up the works!

AIAS 2008 nominees