We’re all familiar with various European countries (especially Germany), along with Australia, banning games. Now Brazil has taken the step of banning a couple of online games.

The two are Counterstrike and, of all things, Everquest. Apparently these products are somehow “psychologically harmful”, among other things.

I gather from the post that what any judge rules in Brazil somehow becomes law in the entire country. But read it for yourself and check me on that in case I have that wrong.

Do I think this is crazy? Of course. And I don’t know why anyone in Brazil would think banning these games is somehow going to make things better. Or why, for that matter, individual judges have so much power.

It’s also strange to see this happening now. Both EQ and CS have been around for awhile; it’s not like they’re something new and startling.

Of course, we’re looking at just the beginning here. No doubt, there will soon be agitation to have this ruling overturned or modified in some way. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for more, and you can read the post on Kotaku for further info.

Brazil Bans Counterstrike and Everquest on kotaku