Subject: This just in…

Good day, sports fans. We bring you another almost-live report from the field.

You recall (we hope you do) Mokor was on the road to unite the Three Houses and the Four Tribes. There being fewer houses, he started with those.

The Redoran Manor DistrictHouse Telvanni – A bunch of arrogant wizards. They all live apart from each other, in little tower villages. Mokor was glad he could use the Console of Godly Powers to travel swiftly between these isolated places with no transportation services.

Arrogant they may be, but they also appreciate money. Mokor had no problems getting most votes after spreading the gold around. Except for one wizard. Our hero had already been warned that Gothren would never give a vote. He would just take the matter under advisement…forever. Obviously, a born bureaucrat. So Mokor taunted him into attacking, and killed him off. No one minded (Gothren apparently wasn’t a popular guy). One house in the bag.

House Redoran – These people live in a city, inside a big round building called the Manor District. Well, most of them. Anyway, we first visit Sethri. He’ll be happy to give his vote, right after we rescue his son who’s being held prisoner by House Venim (their spelling, not mine).

That was just a matter of finding the guy and running like hell out the door. Much better, in game terms, to just vamoose instead of fight. Sethri gives his vote, and Mokor visits some of the other Redorans, and gets their votes, no problem. Except for Morvayn. She doesn’t have a house in the Manor district. Hum.

Mokor consults the Big Book of Redoran Councillors, and discovers Morvayn lives in a hovel on the east side of town (must be the token poor person or something). But something is amiss here. Entering the building, Mokor finds just one room and a locked door. Not a problem, because we have Max – Max Open, the spell that can undo any lock. Poof!

Behind the door is a stairway down to other rooms…and a bunch of diseased critters. Uh oh. Are we gonna lose a vote here? Mokor staunchly wipes out the invaders, then returns to Sethri, who offhandedly mentions that House Morvayn is overrun and Morvayn is now living in the Council House. Thanks so much for telling me AFTER the fact, Sethri.

So off to the Council House, where we get her vote no problem. Okay we need just one more vote, and that has to come from…where else?…House Venim.

Mokor is ready for trouble, but surprisingly, none of the Venim guards pay any attention to him. However, the Baron ain’t gonna give an aye. He’d rather have an eye for an eye, and challenges Mokor to a duel (to the death, of course).

Not on the spot, though. Baron Venim likes to do things in proper fashion, which means trekking off to the city of Vivec, where combats like this are sanctioned in the Arena. Just a little extra detour to fill in one’s leisure hours.

Whatever, Mokor makes short work of the Baron, and House Redoran comes in to the alliance. However, after being proclaimed Hortator (the House term for “war leader”), Mokor receives a menacing missive from the Archcanon (obviously a bigger gun than an Archdeacon) of the Temple, who will want to see him, if/when he has got everyone (houses and tribes) united. Sounds a bit ominous, but Mokor presses on.

House Hlaalu – The trading contingent. They live in and around the city of Vivec. Being traders, they also appreciate gold, and in very short time, Mokor has bought up all the votes he needs. He didn’t even have to kill anyone. So now we have all the houses.

We turn our attention to the four tribes…