A few days back, Fox News hosted a show that gave Mass Effect, a highly-praised and rated game, a black eye. The show was rife with inaccuracies (I’m being polite here), in particular from author Cooper Lawrence, who admitted she hadn’t played the game. EA sent a letter to Fox demanding an apology and corrections.

Kotaku is now reporting that the person in charge of the News Dept. sent back a reply saying that corrections were handled by the PR department at Fox. Ah yes, we can see where this is going, eh?

After a few days (or maybe weeks) of merry-go-round, Fox will put up somewhere a small retraction that few will know about, while the majority will still remember what went on with Cooper Lawrence & Co.

It’s one thing to dislike a game. It’s another to rely on hearsay or (as it seems here) one’s own imaginings to bash a product one hasn’t even seen or researched in any way.

While EA and Fox dance their tango, furious gamers have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve been going in droves to Amazon, where Lawrence has several books listed.

And her most recent one, for some odd reason, suddenly has a score of 1.2. That’s from 400+ reviews. And yes, I’d say that a good chunk of that 400 is from gamers, who have also taken the time to comment. Oh yes, the comments. I read a few. That’s really all that were needed.

As an interesting aside, in the right-hand column of that page are several ads for – haha – Mass Effect. Who knows, they may even bring in some sales. That would be sweet irony.

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