Thought I’d wind up the week on a light note. At least, I hope it’s a light note.

There’s a group in Boston called The Boston Post Mortem, a gathering of computer game developers in New England. They get together once a month, presumably for serious stuff.

Steve Meretzky (who needs no introduction) gave a speech (I think) about “The Most Perfect Video Game”. The reason I’m not so sure is this:

His talk (rant?) was captured, and now resides on the ‘net as a video. However, as Flash is needed to view it, and I don’t have that installed, I’m not entirely certain what’s in the vid.

So, those of you with broadband, seven minutes to spare, and Flash, may wish to click the link below to gamesetwatch and, umm, watch the video. Do let me know if Steve said anything especially funny!

Steve Meretzky on The Perfect Game at gamesetwatch