Subject: Mokor saves the day…

[You recall that Mokor is now uniting the four tribes on his way to saving the world.]

Dagoth Ur - the wimp!!Urshilaku – Easy. This is the tribe that’s solidly on Nerevar’s side, so their proclamation is a given.

Ahemmasu – A poor little tribe, that doesn’t even have a regular leader. Right now the top person is the Wise Woman, who would normally be adviser to the Khan. She mentions how, in times of trouble, the tribe would retreat to the safety of some ruins, but some followers of a Mad God have taken them over. If Mokor could ensure the place would be safe for the Ahems, she would be happy to proclaim him Nerevarine (their term for Hortator).

The ruins are on a small island, but really no trouble to reach. Inside, Mokor finds the followers of this god beating on each other. We just stay out of the way and watch the fun. Some make the mistake of picking on Mokor, but are quickly shown the error of their ways.

Eventually Mokor finds his way to the High Priestess (or whatever she is) and makes an offer: she pledges the safety of the Ahems, and he won’t kill her. Since Mokor’s reputation has preceded him, the HP agrees to the deal. Obviously, she’s not as crazy as one might think.

Now, Mokor has to escort the Wise Woman to the ruins, so she can check out for herself that the place is now safe. Oh lordy, escort duty again. Good thing she knows water-walking. Despite a few attacks from various unpleasant beasties, Mokor & Co. arrive at the ruins, and the WW is happy that her tribe can use the ruins as a retreat. So now we have two tribes united. Fortunately, she plans on staying there awhile, so Mokor doesn’t have to escort her back to the camp.

Zainab – Mokor really had to work here. First the Khan of the tribe sneered. We were tempted to kill him, but wisdom prevailed. Instead we ask for something to do, and are sent off to kill a vampire. This is the toughest thing you can think of?

Doesn’t matter, the Khan comes around, sorta. He’ll name Mokor Nerevarine, right after Mokor presents him with a little gift. A wife. And only the daughter of a Telvanni lord will do.

Mokor feels that there is no task he can do, no amount of gold he could spend, that would ever get ANY Telvanni wizard to give his daughter to this wretched Khan. He knows the Telvanni all too well.

However, the Wise Woman of the Zainab has a plan. All Mokor has to do is buy a slave (slavery is legal in Morrowind), dress her up nice, and Zainab will never know the difference. She can even tell him where to buy one; she’s friends with slave dealer…in one of the Telvanni villages.

We do not approve of slavery, but these are Desperate Times. The Fate of The World is at stake here. The Nerevarine must fullfil his Destiny! The game must go on!

The COGP got a real workout here. First we hie over to the slave dealer. She has just the woman in stock. However, no one sells the right clothes here. But over there, in another Telvanni village, he can find a clothier with the right stuff.

So we buy the right stuff and return. This is good, but the dealer needs a little more time to train the girl in upscale ways. And to ensure success, a little Bug Musk (sounds horrible but has a charismatic effect) would be ideal. She mentions a couple of places where the musk can be obtained. One is right here in town.

However, for some reason, the door wouldn’t open when I tried it. Dunno if that was a bug or deliberate. So Mokor has to bop over to the other place and buy the musk.

SO finally that’s all done, and for the exorbitant price of 1100 gold (bargained down from 1200), Mokor has the girl, gives her all the stuff….and has to escort her to the Khan. And this Telvanni village is on an island. And this girl doesn’t do spells. She’ll have to swim. It’s raining, too.

Mokor wonders what the Khan will think of being presented with a soaked-to-the-skin bride (in her best clothes yet), but he decides to worry about that later.

Finally, we arrive at the camp. That Bug Musk must be pretty potent stuff. The Khan never noticed she was dripping wet, and Mokor was named Nerevarine. Whew!

Erabenimsun – This was a divided tribe, part being peace-loving and part being war-like. As long as the violent ones were in charge, Mokor would never get the vote. The Wise Woman comes right out and says the Big Four in control have to die.

Mokor is happy. Simple. No travelling. No “gotta prove myself first”. No bargaining. Just go over there and wipe em out. Ahhhh. An easy one at last.

Only now the tribe needs a new Khan. The Wise Woman suggests the son of the previous Khan (not the one just killed), but he’s rather an unlikely prospect. She mentions he lacks only three things a ruler would need: strength, courage, and wisdom.

And the kid doesn’t want to be Khan, either. So how do we convince him to take on the job?

Well, each of three of the guys I just killed carried an enchanted item. So we gather them up and present them to the kid, each with a rousing little speech designed to improve his self-esteem (and it needed a LOT of improvement). Finally, he accepts the position and the last tribe has come into the alliance.

Now we have to see the Archcanon in Vivec. This was all rather strange, and I wonder about the programming here. First I have to meet a priest at the temple. Took me awhile, as she was wandering around outside and I was looking inside.

She tells me to avoid the Ordinators (the guards around here), and gives me directions to a back way into the Archcanon’s room. But the guards never paid any attention to me, never attacked and so I just went up to the guy’s regular door, made sure no guards were around, and used Max to unlock the door (guards WILL come after you if you unlock anything w/o a key in their presence).

So after a brief chat with the Archcanon (this is supposed to be secret, very hush-hush, because the Temple has always persecuted people who believed in the Nerevar Prophecies), he sends me to Lord Vivec in the Palace. Vivec is the third member of the Tribunal (and the last one left; Almalexia and Sotha Sil – you may recall them – are now dead).

Vivec gives a lot of information. A LOT. He’s got the true story of what really went on at Red Mountain in the past, he’s got details of Dagoth Ur’s plans for Morrowind…and he’s got a detailed, precise plan for Mokor to follow in putting an end to Dagoth Ur & Co.

Finally, someone with concise, complete directions! ABOUT TIME!

Of course, that detailed plan has a lot of details. Mokor ain’t just waltzing into Red Mountain, god mode or no. Much has to be done first. The way has to be prepared. Certain items must be obtained. But at least, after a long, weary time, the end may be in sight, or at least just over the far horizon.

Stay tuned, sports fans. The action is gonna heat up real soon now.

[As it turned out, after finishing the game, I called Nancy instead of writing. The finale was rather a let-down, as most of them tend to be. Dagoth Ur is invincible while the magic heart exists. Getting to him and it was little trouble by this time, and once the heart was gone, Daggy was pretty easy to take out. Ho hum. But stay with us, there’s more to come!]