Planewalker, indie designers of the “coming whenever” RPG The Broken Hourglass, have been pretty quiet lately. So it was good to see an interview with producer Jason Compton over at gamebanshee.

No, he isn’t giving any release date, which is why I wrote “coming whenever” up there. Too bad, because I have been keeping an eye on this one. What he did talk about were some of the game’s features.

He went into a fair amount of detail about the character creation system, and it looks extensive. If this is what actually turns up in TBH, it would seem to allow for a great deal of customization. (Although Vag may be disappointed to learn that “The E word” is in there ;)

When we move to the combat system, however, it’s another story. Sad to say, they have decided to go with the dreaded RTWP: real-time with pause system. While not as bad as true real-time, it isn’t much better when you have a party, and the game is party-based.

We’ve been over that sort of thing before, so I won’t go into a rant about it. But I do wish they’d chosen turn-based instead, like Eschalon. Oh well.

TBH will also have “personality NPC party members”, meaning they will banter among themselves, etc. I hope Planewalker does a better job here than was done in, say, Neverwinter: The Movie. In fact, I hope that at least some of the party members will be likeable for a change.

Anyway, check out the interview and see what you think.

Jason Compton interview on gamebanshee