Violence in games. Violent games are ruining our kids. It’s the non-problem that just won’t go away. So amidst all the hype, the scare tactics, the exaggerated and erroneous information, it’s refreshing to come across a good rebuttal.

Thanks to Coyote, I read an article that was clear, well-thought-out, and decently researched. For us here, it would be rather like preaching to the choir, because we know those things already. However…

The article was written by a 13-year-old girl. A very intelligent, articulate gamer. Just the sort of person that all those scaremongers are supposedly trying to “protect”.

I was really blown away by how well she presented her case. Gosh, I wasn’t that good at her age (wow, that’s a scary thought! Then again, maybe if I’d had a computer…).

The piece is well worth reading. And especially, it’s good to hear from the group over which there is so much violence debate. Good for you, Teleri!

Violent Video Games and Kids on rabidpaladin