Planewalker is definitely getting back on track. Following their interview on gamebanshee (noted in Planewalker Resurfaces), they’ve now posted a “blow-by-blow” mage duel encounter.

I think they may have stacked the deck a little by having the enemy mage make a very bad decision. Regardless, it’s an interesting look at how magic might work in combat.

What I’m wondering, though, is how well that would have played out in an actual game, given that The Broken Hourglass is using “real-time-with-pause” (RTWP) as the combat base. Something of this nature opens itself to a lot of pausing.

Which has always been my complaint about games that have either real-time or RTWP: it doesn’t work all that well for magic. I wrote about that last year in It’s My Turn, which sums up my feelings on the matter.

Anyway, head over there and see what you think of the mage duel.

Magic Blow-by-Blow on Planewalker