Yep, over at rockpapershotgun, they have up an interview with Al Lowe, famous (or infamous) for the Leisure Suit Larry series.

I wasn’t much of a fan of LSL. I liked the first game, which was actually a renovation of Softporn, the only text adventure Sierra ever published. After that, I thought the humor wore out.

There’s only so much one can really find funny about a loser trying to make it and never reaching “home base”. Then again, I don’t especially care to play losers in the first place.

But hey, the series did have popularity in its time. Even though, in the case of the first Larry, sales were intially poor and only picked up after awhile.

So is Al doing anything in the game line these days? Nope. You’ll have to read the piece to find out why not ;)

Al Lowe Interview on rockpapershotgun