Yes, what are you waiting for in games this year? From my vantage point, the pickings look very slim indeed.

I was just over at IGN, browsing through their release list, and as far as RPGs go, the picture is a dim one. Aside from another expansion for NWN2, the only “big” title is Fallout 3, scheduled for third quarter.

And I’m not really too sanguine about that one. Of course, Bethesda could surprise me and put out a decent game. But I’m not holding my breath.

Other than that, there’s Drakensang: The Dark Eye, based on the same system that was used for the Realms of Arkania games (which I didn’t like), and maybe somewhere along the line Dragon Age, if it emerges from the mists of vaporware.

The majority of RPG titles on the list were either “action/RPG” or online games. Oddly enough, though, I saw a surprising number of adventure games listed. Some were “action/adventure”, but others were just “adventure”. I’ll have to make another visit one of these days and see what those are about.

And not listed, but one I am looking forward to seeing one of these years is The Broken Hourglass. And Jeff is supposed to have Avernum for the PC out later this year. It looks like I may have better luck with the indies. Maybe.

In the meantime, what – if anything – is on your “gotta have” list?

2008 PC Release list on IGN