No, never again another game from Bethesda. My main computer is royally screwed.

I decided it was time to take Oblivion off my drive. So I ran the uninstaller and it stopped dead with an error message. The same thing happened when I tried to uninstall from the DVD.

I checked the readme and it metioned there might be a problem if you did a lot of uninstall/reinstalls. That didn’t really apply, since I never tried taking it off before.

However, I did what it suggested, which was to re-install the game (yes, to the same directory) over itself. That didn’t work. Still got the error message.

Next I went online, and wow, I wasn’t the only one. Tons of messages out there from people with the same problem. What kind of crap uninstaller did they use here? The same one from Pool of Radiance 2? (Yeah I know, that was Ubisoft, but still…)

I went to the official forums, and there was a message with instructions for manual removal (if re-installing didn’t work). That was by using add/remove programs and then going into the registry and removing some entries.

Below that was another suggestion, to try doing it in safe mode. That is, boot to safe mode, re-install, then uninstall. That sounded a little safer (no pun intended) than messing with the registry.

It was also suggested that the best way was to run msconfig and in the boot.ini tab, check safeboot. So I did that. It was the only thing I changed.

I rebooted the system and found it shot to hell. Windows stopped right at the start with an error message. I hit the reset button and got a screen with several choices. None of them worked.

I don’t know now if it was changing boot.ini, or if something happened while I was trying Bethesda’s uninstall program, since I didn’t try rebooting my system until I changed the ini file. Oblivion, so very apt a title.

Fortunately, I still have my older system and can get online. I’m going to check when the tech suport lines for my system are open (of course, this happens just at the weekend) so I can call in and see if anything can be done to fix the problem.

No, no more Bethesda. Never again. Never. Ever.