Yes, Blizzard is going to be running a world-wide invitational tourney for WoW players, beginning in April.

It won’t be free, either. Contestants will have to pony up $20 (or equivalent in foreign currencies) for the first two elimination rounds. They will get a L70 character to outfit with good stuff.

Then they go to the Arena, where the competitions will be teams of 3 vs 3. Players are free to form their teams with whomever they want, including substitutes in case any of the original three can’t participate.

Total prize pool for the tourney is over $200,000, with the grand prize set at $75,000. That could pay (or reimburse) for a lot of WoW activity ;)

In the press release, Mike Morhaime states: “We’re pleased to expand World of Warcraft’s tournament options for players who want to focus mainly on the competitive aspect of the game.”

I wonder if they’re doing this because a lot of maxed-out players are becoming bored with nothing much to do except those big raids for little gain.

After all, when you hit the top, there’s nowhere else to go. Of course, one could always start a new character, but eventually, it will hit the wall, too.

The prize money is fairly substantial, and I’ll bet there will be plenty of signups, especially given this is a world-wide event. It’s also going to be a very long haul for the contestants, as you’ll note from the FAQ.

WoW Global Tourney Press Release

WoW Global Tourney FAQ