Rather than clutter the site up with three posts, I’m putting the news in one to keep things neat.

First up, the UK bank Halifax is denying all WoW subscription charges on Visa and Mastercards. They claim that there is too high a level of fraudulent charges.

So far, it’s quiet on both the main Blizzard site and the World Of Warcraft site. No official response from Blizzard is up yet, and I haven’t seen anything on the boards. Perhaps the number of players using Halifax is small?

Our second newsbit is GenCon has filed for Chapter 11. This is not actual bankruptcy, but a court-supervised restructuring. This allows the business to keep running while working on paying off its debts. According to the press release, this isn’t supposed to affect any events.

Finally, some good news. CD Projekt is doing a massive renovation on The Witcher. Changes include 80% improvement to load times, re-done translations for the English version, along with new voice-overs, new content, and others too numerous to mention.

The release of the revamped game and goodies is scheduled for this May. Those who already own the game will be able to download the new stuff at no extra charge.

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