As you may or may not know, the GDC (Game Developers Conference) is being held this week. There are plenty of panels, summits, presentations, and assorted other blather. One panel was on best story in games.

Richard Rouse (Paranoid Productions), Steve Meretzky (Blue Fang), Marc Laidlaw (Valve Software), and Ken Rolston (Big Huge Games) each selected two games they thought had the best story, and from those, the “top eight” titles were chosen. Among them were Bioshock, Planescape: Torment, and The Fool’s Errand.

I didn’t play Bioshock, of course. However, having read a synopsis of the plot, it seems to me all you need is a detailed backstory, a gloss of Ayn Rand (or some other intellectual), and a little twist at the end. But hey, not bad for a game.

Regarding PS:T (or as Xian likes to say, Planescape: The Novel), yes, the story is good. Unfortunately, it was better as a novel than a game, at least from my perspective. Still, certainly a good choice here.

When we get to The Fool’s Errand, though, I don’t see this being worthy of the list. TFE is a puzzle game, and still the very best one I ever played. I’d love to play this one again sometime (though I shudder at doing the High Priestess on a 2Ghz CPU).

It does have a story of sorts, enough to complement the puzzle-solving. But no way does it belong with the two mentioned above. Never would this game occur to me as a candidate for “best story”. Perhaps this is an indication of how poor generally stories in games are.

Anyway, take a peek at the article and see what you think of those “top eight games with stories”.

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