Not too long ago, in It’s Getting Moggy Out There, I talked about Raph Koster’s project of “design-your-own-MMOG”, Metaplace. Now The Sims are getting into the act.

In this case, though, it’s not so much MMOG as simply games. Yep, EA is working on “Sims Carnival”, which allows anyone to use a wizard to create a Flash-based game.

No doubt a few of them will be good. I hesitate to consider what the majority will be like.

This seems to be the latest trend. Of course, game modding has been around for years. However, the tools used to create those mods typically require some skill and understanding of programming. They have a “geeky” aura around them.

These latest offerings, though, appear to be “point-and-click” design, so that anyone can create a game (however awful) without having to worry about any “technical stuff”.

My guess is, a lot of people will jump in, do some games, and then move on to something else. As I wrote in the “Getting Moggy” article, any decent sort of game requires dedication and some skill to create. And I suspect that the “gotta have it NOW” generation isn’t likely to have the patience.

Sims Carnival on Gamasutra