Last year, we discussed controlling in-game actions by thought alone in It’s All In The Mind and More Mind Games. The “More” post talked about a system from Emotiv. Well, it’s almost here.

Yep, the “mind control” system for games is supposed to be out later this year. There’s a brief AP write-up on Google, which makes it sound pretty good. Except maybe for the price, which is a whopping $299.

On the other hand, the system may need a few, umm, tweaks before it makes a public debut. It was demo’d at the Game Developers Conference, with less than perfect results.

Going by the pieces on joystiq, apparently there was a second presentation, where the system worked somewhat better. In any case, you can amuse yourselves by reading the original and the followup.

Of course, the real question – presuming the system does work when it comes on the market – is how many people would be willing to pay that much money for it?

I can see where this would be useful to gamers who have physical problems and can’t use a mouse or keyboard well. At least to a limited extent.

But what about games with more complicated controls? Those that require a fair amount of manual dexterity to push/activate three or four things in rapid succession? Do a fancy move and attack at the same time?

As far as gaming is concerned, I think both the appeal and usefulness will be limited. Check out the article and see what you think.

Emotive write-up on Google

GDC Emotiv Presentation on joystiq

Second Demo at GDC on joystiq