You expect a quiet weekend after a major developers conference. So it’s a bit of a shock when EA just announced they’d made a buyout offer for Take-Two Interactive.

The offer was valued at about $2 billion. A rather hefty sum. However, Take-Two rejected it. For the time being.

T-T called the offer “undervalued”. They figure that EA wants to buy them cheaply, before Grand Theft Auto IV hits the shelves later this year.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that Take-Two is open to a buyout, but with better terms. I consider that unfortunate. It seems every time you turn around, one company is buying another.

And this is not some small indie company. Take-Two is a major studio. Are we heading for a time when there will be just a couple of huge, monolithic publishers controlling the game market?

Or are we just about there as it is? How many other major companies do we have now? Activision? They’re barely making out as it is. Infogrames is still in trouble. Who else is there?

Maybe next Microsoft will buy everyone else. Wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway, you can read the dreary news from the links below.

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