Well, the Game Developers Conference is over. Probably not a moment too soon. I’ve been reviewing reports on various websites about discussions held on the topics of “story in games”, “superficiality in games” and “games with real meaning”, and I have come to a conclusion.

Designers talk too much. I haven’t tried to look up what was said at last year’s conference, but if I did, likely there wouldn’t have been much difference.

And for all the talk, most of the games coming along are “same-old, same-old” with prettier graphics, and now the new trend, “real-world physics”. Whoopie.

Of course, there are indie designers trying new things. Some of them are hailed as “creative” and “different”, usually without selling many copies. Then everyone goes back to the tried-and-true.

Which is not to say that interesting aspects haven’t turned up. They certainly have, and then everyone tends to go overboard. Just look at what happened with Bioshock, just because it had that gloss of Ayn Rand.

Who knows, maybe developers will now start paging through dusty philosophy tomes, looking for an angle. Stranger things have happened. Whether anything good would come of it is another matter.

Which brings us back to talk. They all talk a good game. Now, if they could just translate all that talk into a good game, we’d be a little better off.

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