In this crazy world of ours, it seems that anything that displeases you is grounds for a lawsuit. Especially if there’s big money in it. Now Activision is being sued over its coming merger with Vivendi.

That’s right, a filing was made in a Delaware court because some Activision stockholders think the terms aren’t advantageous enough. I haven’t looked at the filing, so I don’t know what the plaintiffs hope to accomplish by this, except perhaps to stop the merger.

And if you turn down a merger, haha, you might be sued anyway. Yahoo is being sued by unhappy stockholders because they declined Microsoft’s offer of a buyout. MS is planning a proxy battle to oust the board so they can take over. Like they aren’t big enough already?

So far, no one is suing either EA or Take-Two, but who knows? That may be next on the list. It wouldn’t surprise me, the way things are going.

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