I forgot to mention a new feature last time: battle disciplines. These are something like the feats in D&D, though not exactly.

Every character has the disciplines, but there are prerequisites before they can be used. Since the pre-reqs relate to the combat skills, it’s unlikely the spellcasters will be able to unlock many of them.

Right now, both fighters have four available of the eight total. I’m trying to remember to use them, but I tend to forget about them in the heat of battle too much ;)

Anyway, I’ve proceeded along the main line as far as possible in the demo. My party has orders to explore the northern frontier. They’ve been allowed a boat to do that. However, the docks are closed off in the demo, so I can’t go farther.

On the other hand, there are still some “odd jobs” left. One is hunting down a “venomous mongbat”. Jeff’s little reference there to Ultima, though I don’t recall offhand in which one they first appeared. IV? V? Anyway, it will be interesting to see what it’s like when I finally track the thing down.

Verbose was right. Despite the number of jobs, this does seem to be a fairly short demo. The docs say it’s one-ninth of the game. So the whole thing may be fairly large.

Fighting has been tough in some places, although not too bad overall. And yes, the jobs have been mainly along the lines of “get this for me” or “kill this for me”.

Haven’t come across much good stuff. Then again, this is only the beginning section of the game, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of “Neat Items”. Titan Quest this ain’t.

A lot of people don’t like my merry band. That’s because we’re Empire, and the Avernites have long memories of the previous conflict. I’m wondering how that would play out over the course of the game.

There seems to be some politics involved, too. The hunt for Dorikas is more than just “get the assassin”. Apparently the various generals think that whoever “gets” Dorikas (via their soldiers) would have a good chance of ascending the throne when the Empress kicks off.

Anyway, I’ll probably finish up the demo tomorrow, and then will decide if I want to go on and buy the game.